Know & Connect

Your customers are leaving clues. Are you tuning in to listen?

It's *noisy* out there:

Data's everywhere, but insights are hard to come by.

AI's promising a solution to every problem, yet the simplest problems remain unsolved.

Every two–three years, a new technology platform comes along, promising to forever change how you buy ads and do marketing. Meanwhile, third-party cookies are slowly crumbling and no one seems to have a clue what to do.

It's 2024 — so how come that real-time customer profile and personalized experience we've all been talking about seem more illusory than ever? When everyone else is shrugging, struggling to cut through the noise, we'll roll up our sleeves and help you find the answers.

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We're Know & Connect, a marketing data advisory working behind the scenes with the world's biggest consumer brands and their agencies.

We help digital leaders and their teams at consumer-facing startups and Fortune 500s a) put data to work, b) get to know their customers, and c) connect to them in new, more meaningful ways that drive action.

Working across disciplines — from strategy to execution, segmentation to activation, measurement to optimization; clean rooms and DMPs to CDPs and CRMs — we enable customers to attribute conversions, quantify results, build understanding, drive outcomes, and scale success.

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This is what we can do for you

We serve digital leaders

  • Chief Marketing, Revenue, or Digital Officers (CMOs, CROs, CDOs)
  • VPs of Marketing, Revenue, or Digital
  • Their teams

Who have these challenges

  • "We're not sure where to get started with our data"
  • "We need help coming up with and delivering on a data strategy"
  • "We're having a hard time attributing conversions and measuring results"
  • "We're buying ads / running campaigns / personalizing experiences, but it isn't working out"
  • "We're investing in these digital touch points but unable to track ROI"
  • "We don't know as much as we want to about our consumers"
  • "We're not getting insights from our analytics"
  • "We're siloed by our tech stack"

Through the expert interventions below

  • Fractional head of data: We'll assign a leader to work as a part of your organization, building capabilities, piloting experimentation, and scaling success.
  • Strategic consulting: We'll advise your staff and agencies on all things strategy and execution when it comes to marketing data, operational and technical; including taxonomy, tagging, segmentation, activation, reporting, and analytics.
  • Delivery: We'll come in and get things done. Forget about slides — we'll write the code, map the data, do the configuration, and program-manage the whole thing to delivery if that's what you need. We'll then train the rest of your org on how to do the same with or without us.